Our driving instructors have a lot of passion for their job and you can see that from their professionalism. With their help, you will soon have your driver’s license in the pocket.
  • Competitive prices
  • No waitingtime
  • Pace to determine
  • Driving in all seasons possible
  • Motorcycle clothing free for loan
  • Lesson mon.- sat. + evenings

De Rijscholen Concurrent has several teaching packages that consist of driving lessons, at a cheaper rate, and a practical exam AVB/AVD. Every package you can expand with additional services such as extra driving lessons, theory exam or an interim test. And you may pay a package even per lesson or in installments!

After registration you will be called back within 24 hours by an motor instructor. Your driving lessons are given by a fixed instructor. A driving lesson is 60 minutes, which are always given in block hours of 120 minutes (you will drive 2 lessons after each other). This method ensures that the control of parts runs smoothly and the chance of a relapse will be much smaller. The progress will be listed by the instructor in your personal instruction card.

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Motor License

  • 20 years: A2 driving licence
  • 22 years: (A) only if 2 years. in possession of A2 driving license
  • 24 years or older: (A) unlimited

Trial lesson € 50,- / 100 min

First 10 lessons € 26,- per 60 min. ( AVB)


€ 425,- € 26,- / 60 min.

10 motor lessons

practical exam AVB


€ 585,- € 32,- / 60 min.

10 motor lessons

practical exam AVD


€ 745,- € 32,- / 60 min.

15 motor lessons

practical exam AVD

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I was well pleased at this driving school

rijschool rotterdam

 I’m very happy that I’ve choosen for this driving school and very happy that I’ve had a good instructor. Learned a lot and instructor was nice and explained me well. Have had a number of driving schools, but what I’ve learned at De Rijscholen Concurrent, I have not learned at  all the 4 driving schools I had before. I recomment De Rijscholen Concurrent to everyone!

B. Messbah, Ridderkerk

Top instructor!

Rutger de lange, Rhoon

Very good experience! Good instructions, lots of patience and has the ability to ease you. Takes the time to learn you skills.

rijschool rotterdam
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