In preparation for the practical exam AVB you learn 12 motor exercises. During the exam 7 of these exercises will be tested you must have 5 of these correctly to pass the exam. The 2 exercises that are inadequate, should not be in the same cluster. The lessons for AVB and the practical exam AVB are given on a parking training ground . Your AVB is valid for one year, within this time you have to pass for your practical exam AVD.

  • For the motor training you have to do 2 practical exams: AVB and AVD
  • Also if you have a driver’s license car, you need to do the theory exam
  • A valid driver’s license car? Theory exam is required for your AVD exam.
  • Age of 20 > A2 driving licence
  • Age of 22 > (A) unlimited , if you already own A2 driver’s license for 2 years
  • Age of 24 > A unlimited

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