If you want to book a test/ exam, you should always fill out a Statement of Health CBR. It contains questions about your physical and mental condition.

Daumen hoch zum Neuwagen

Questions on the Statement of Health CBR
  1. Are you suffering or suffered seizures of fainting, seizures of abnormal daytime sleepiness or other consciousness disorders?
  2. Do you suffer from or been troubled by balance disorders or severe dizziness?
  3. Are you under treatment or been under treatment for a psychiatric disorder, cerebrovascular disease, such as stroke, or a disease of the nervous system?
  4. Do you or do you have abused alcohol, medicines, drugs or other intoxicants or are you ever been examined or under medical treatment for this?
  5. Are you under treatment of have been treated for internal diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease or lung disease? Or do you have a heart or vascular surgery?
  6. Can’t  you use an arm, a hand or your fingers or only limited use
  7. Can’t you use a leg or a foot or only limited use?
  8. Can you  see less well with one or both eyes, even if you are using glasses or contact lenses?
  9. Are you under treatment of have been treated by an eye doctor? Or do you have had an eye surgery or laser treatment of the eyes?
  10. Do you use medications that can affect the ability to drive according to the package insert, such as sleeping, appeasement, antidepressant, antipsychotic?
  11. Do you have any other disorders, diseases or disabilities that makes driving motor vehicles more difficult?

If you have one or more questions answered with ‘ yes ‘, then the CBR will have to judge whether if you may do a test/ exam. You need to purchase a Statement of Health on mijn.cbr.nl. And send it to the CBR along with a doctor’s note. The CBR will maintain contact directly with you about the CBR process and the approval. This procedure may take a long time. It is therefore advisable to send  the Statement of Health before you start with the lessons. Contact De Rijscholen Concurrent once you have received the approval of the CBR. We will handle the further progress of your driving lessons/practical exam. (Note: in the examination fee is only a standard Statement of Health included,  in which you answered all the questions with “no”. When you have to fill out a Statement of Health because you have to answer the questions with ‘yes’,  then these are separate additional costs).