Your license when you're 17!

Starting from your 17th birthday you can do the practical exam. Passed the exam? Till your 18th birthday you can only hit the road with your chosen coache(s). The coaches are registered by the RDW and listed on a card, the so-called supervisorcard (begeleiderspas). You may request this card when you’re 16.5 years. While driving you should always take your driver’s license and your supervisercard.

Drei Teens 30.10.12

Application supervisorcard

Step 1

Your coaches sign up first. They can go to  this page. Only when all coaches have signed in, you can sign up  to apply for the supervisor card. To apply for your supervisor card you go to DigiD. Applying for a supervisor card costs money. Check the RDW website for the current rates.

Step 2

You must be in possession of a supervisor card to apply for your driver’s license at the City Hall. We advise you to get your card at least a month before your practical exam.
After the RDW have received and controlled the application for the supervisor card the card will be sent within 10 working days.

For questions about the application of the supervisorcard you can contact the RDW at or call them on 0900-0739.