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The moment has finally arrived: you can get your driver’s license! Register today at De Rijscholen Concurrent, driving school Schiedam. Here you are assured of high-quality driving lessons – provided by English speaking driving instructors – at low rates. Of course you can drive one on your own pace.

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Driving school Schiedam: Best affordable driving school

When you are 16.5 years old, you can already start taking driving lessons. But driving lessons can be so expensive! That’s where all your hard-earned money goes… Or not? At driving school Schiedam – De Rijscholen Concurrent – you pay for the manual driving lessons € 42,-  for a trial lesson and the first 10 driving lessons of 50 minutes is € 29,00 per lesson. See, we love that. To make your driving lessons Schiedam an affordable investment in your future And the atmosphere is also very good. In this way driving lessons Schiedam become one big party. And obtaining your driving license in Schiedam is only a few kilometers away!

Driving lessons in Schiedam with a permanent driving instructor

When you get behind the wheel for the first time, it can be quite exciting. Fortunately, the driving instructors of the Schiedam driving school are always calm and help you get acquainted with the car and the traffic rules step by step. In addition, you’re driving instructor is well known in your area. He knows the area where you will be driving in Schiedam. Moreover, you will have the same driving instructor at driving school Schiedam starting from the first (trial) lesson. This way you build up a relationship of trust together and you will notice that driving a car almost goes without saying.

Personal attention

One drives away easier than the other. Maybe you need a bit more driving lessons Schiedam than a friend to get the hang of driving completely. Thanks to the personal attention at De Rijscholen Concurrent, you will have all the time and space to become a good driver at your own pace. Are you struggling to take a turn in reverse, or is parallel parking not quite successful? No problem! Then we will just practice that extra at Driving School Schiedam during the driving lessons in Schiedam. Until you have mastered it completely.

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