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Finally, the time has come: you can get your driver’s license! Sign in today at De Rijscholen Concurrent, the driving school Barendrecht. With us you are assured of high-quality driving lessons – provided by professional driving instructors – at low rates. Of course you can have the driving lessons Barendrecht also in the weekends of evenings if you prefer!

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Driving school Barendrecht; the best driving school

Want to save on the costs of driving lessons and still be trained to be a top driver? For that you go to the Driving School Barendrecht: the best driving school for Barendrecht and the surrounding area. We are part of a larger training institute in South Holland, which in addition to driving lessons manual car also offers driving lessons automatic car in Rotterdam. And of course De Rijscholen Concurrent also provides theory courses. No matter how fast you want to obtain your driver’s license Barendrecht, at Driving School Barendrecht you can be sure that you will never pay too much. Thanks to discount rates, experienced driving instructors, professional guidance and a high success rate, we have grown into one of the most successful driving schools in South Holland.

Driving lessons Barendrecht: various discount packages

Driving lessons Barendrecht are often very expensive. At De Rijscholen Concurrent, we have therefore chosen to accommodate novice candidates with various lesson packages for reduced prices. You can choose from packages of 14, 24 or 30 driving lessons, which include the practical exam of the CBR. If you have little driving experience and you want to be absolutely sure that you are well prepared to get into the car with the examiner, then a total package is for you. With this package at Driving School Barendrecht you have 40 lessons plus the practical CBR exam plus an interim CBR, besides a complimentary online theory course is also included. If you think you can do it with less driving lessons, you can opt for discount package of 10 lessons.

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