Driving fear

What is practical exam driving fear? It often happens that candidates are so nervous for the practical car exam that they block at the very idea of it. And that while they do have the knowledge and skills, but due to extreme nervousness do not perform as they do during the driving lessons. Do you recognize this? Then choose a practical exam driving fear!

If you are at least 17 years old and in possession of a valid theory certificate, you may take the practical exam driving fear . Did you know that our instructors are specialized in giving driving lessons to candidates with performance anxiety?

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How does a practical exam fear of failure works?

The practical exam fear of failure takes approximately 80 minutes. 35 minutes is reserved for the exam ride. The remaining time is intended for the preliminary and follow-up conversation of the practical exam fear of failure. And of course the extra support during the exam ride.


During the practical exam driving fear you may ask the examiner for a time-out, for example for moments when you do not know what to do or have a blackout. This way you can come to yourself again and then continue the ride. In addition, the examiner can also use the extra exam time to repeat a specific part of the lesson that he thought did not go well.

That way you get another chance to prove yourself. Moreover a performance anxiety exam is given by a performance anxiety trained examiner.

practical exam driving fear

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