The CBR theory exam is part of your driver course. You must have passed the CBR theory exam before you can take the practical exam and tests. It has a validity of one and a half years.

You have several choices in CBR theory exams. You can choose from:

  • Normal classical CBR theory exam (Dutch or English for the theory car only).
  • Classical CBR theory exam with 15 minutes extra time (Dutch or English for theory car only).
  • Individual CBR theory exam (with or without interpreter for all categories theory exam).

Theory car

  • Theory car from 16 years.
  • Also English theory exam.
  • Practice theory with books.
motorrijles rotterdam

Theory motor

  • Theory motor from 17 years.
  • Standard in Dutch.
  • Practice with books.

Theory scooter

  • Theory scooer from 15.5 years.
  • Standard in Dutch.
  • Practice with books.
cbr theory exam car

Difficulty with CBR theory exam

If you have dyslexia, nervousness or you don’t speak Dutch, than you can do an individual CBR theory exam or a CBR theory exam with extra time. You always have to answer an exam question within a certain time. Candidates who have dyslexia, are nervous or cannot read/speak the Dutch language (fluently) will spend more time reading the question and the answers.

This leaves less time to choose the correct answer. During the individual theory exam you sit together with an employee of the CBR (a 1 on 1 exam). The CBR employee reads the questions and answers and you then answer. In this way you can use the time to answer. If you want to do a theory examen motorcycle or scooter in English you can only choose for the individual theorie exam. In this cas you also need to have a interpreter from Tolkennet.
A theory exam with extra time is a normal theory exam where you have a little longer time to answer per question.

Location CBR theory exam

The CBR theory exam is given at several CBR locations. Not every CBR location has a theory center. If you live in Rotterdam, you take the CBR theory exam in Barendrecht. Of course you can also choose another theory center of the CBR. You are not obliged to do the CBR theory in your own place of residence.

cbr theory test