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Statement of health is necessary when applying for a practical exam (car). And when applying for an AVD motorcycle practical exam, one must also purchase a Health Certificate. Also known as medical fitness or Personal Statement. You buy your health certificate on the platform of the CBR. Usually you know whether or not you are allowed to obtain your driving license based on your medical or mental condition. If you are not sure, you could check this with your doctor or treating specialist.

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Health statement CBR

The Health Declaration consists of ten yes / no questions. It provides the CBR insights of your physical and mental condition. If you have answered all questions with “no”, the CBR will approve the Health declaration almost immediately. And we can request the practical exam. If you answered one or more questions with “yes”, the CBR will investigate your statement further.

They will ask for a doctor’s statement in which the doctor explains your medical details. You may also have to go to a CBR affiliated doctor for a check-up or that you have to take a driving test. This process can take weeks. It is therefore advisable to submit the health statement CBR before you start your driving lessons. Please let us know as soon as the CBR has approved your statement. When this has been approved we can carry on with your driving lessons and book the practical exam.

The costs for the Health Certificate are not included in your exam fee. Go to and login with your Digid to purchase your Statement of Health.

Driving course foreign driving license

If you have a driving license that does not come from the EU, EFTA or exempt countries, you must obtain your driving license again in the Netherlands. It is important to drive according to the standards of the CBR and to unlearn your own driving style. To get a good idea of your driving skills, it is important to first take a trial lesson. On the basis of the trial lesson, the instructor can estimate the minimum number of driving lessons you will need and which driver training suits. Please note that in addition to the practical exam, you also have to take a theory exam.

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