Trial lesson € 35,- /100 minutes.

During the trial lesson you’ll be picked up at home by your instructor. You directly will start with  driving  and so will be seeting behind the wheel! Not to worry, the instructor will explain step by step how to master the car. You will start  with steering and then you learn the throttle, brakes and switching. So step by step you build up your driving skills. Do you already have driving experience, then you may show the instructor what you have learned at your previous driving school. On the basis of your driving performance he can see how well your driving is going and  what still needs to be practiced

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced candidate, at the end of the lesson, the instructor will have a good picture of your performance. Then the instructor will advise you about the amounts of lessons you’ll be needing. And wich package will suits you the best.

  •  Introduction wich your regular instructor
  •  Trial lesson manual for € 35,00 /100 min.
  • Trial lesson automatic for € 35-/ 90 min.
  •  Free of obligations

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trial lesson

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