Practical BNOR

What is BNOR exam? BNOR exam stands for car further investigation driving proficiency, also known as the state exam. If you fail the CBR practical exam 4 times within 5 years, you automatically take the BNOR exam. You will not notice much difference yourself when you take the practical exam BNOR. For the practical BNOR exam you will come to the same CBR location as before. You will not notice any difference from the examiner and his instructions during the ride.

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practical bnor

How does a Practical test BNOR works?

The BNOR practical test has a total exam time of 70 minutes. 35 minutes is reserved for the exam ride. The examiner will use the remainder of the time for the preliminary and follow-up conversation and supervision. A BNOR exam is basically the same as you are used to do at the CBR test. It won’t be easier than the CBR exam. You will hear the results of the practical BNOR exam at the end of the exam ride.

Result of the BNOR practical exam

If you have passed, the CBR will electronically send your result to the right organizations. On presentation of your valid ID and in exchange of one passport photo and the required rate, you can apply for a driving license at your district / town hall, 1 – 2 days after the BNOR practical exam.

If you passed at the age of 17, you must also be in possession of a valid companion pass. You can collect your driving license 5 working days after application or the next day for urgent applications. If you failed the BNOR practical exam, the examiner will explain which exam components were not good, so you can practice them again before you do your next try.

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