Scooter driving license rotterdam


You can obtain your scooter driving license Rotterdam, also called moped driving license, as soon as you are 16 years old. To be able to start your scooter driving lessons Rotterdam you must first be in possession of a valid theory certificate. De Rijscholen Concurrent can guide you in this from start to finish.

  • Scooter driving cours.
  • Scooter driving lessons from € 25, – / 60 minutes.
  • Scooter driving license Rotterdam possible in 1 day.
  • Scooter driving lessons from an experienced instructor.
  • Fast and easy online learning for your theory.
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Scooter driving license starts with theory scooter

In order to obtain your scooter driving license Rotterdam, you need to be in possession of a theory certificate. You must have already obtained your theory scooter before you can take the scooter driving lessons Rotterdam. You can take the theory exam when you are 15.5 years old. Driving school Concurrent offers you the opportunity to learn the theory true an online platform. Through our online theory course ( Dutch only), you have 2 months access to the system for learning the complete theory subject matter and practicing theory exams.

Don’t you speak Dutch than you can learn the theory scooter with the help of English theory books? Take a look at our theory web-shop. As soon as you have learned well for your theory scooter, you can request the theory exam at the website of the CBR. Your theory scooter is valid for a year and a half. As soon as you have obtained your theory certificate and when you’re 16 years old, you can start with your moped driving lessons Rotterdam

Scooter driving license Rotterdam in 1 day

We provide scooter driving license Rotterdam in 1 day. The scooter driving lessons are given from Rotterdam South; close to the CBR location Barendrecht, where you will do the practical exam moped. The instructor will meet you at a fixed location where the moped driving lessons will start. It is possible to book all the scooter driving lessons in a row and to take the practical exam scooter at the end of the day. if you think that is too rushed then you can also take the scooter driving lessons and the practical exam moped in your own pace. The choice is yours!