Practical exam scooter

Practical exam scooter in Rotterdam.
After taking the scooter driving lessons Rotterdam, the moment has finally come. You can go on for your scooter practical exam. You can take the moped practical exam as soon as you are 16 years old. For this you must already be in possession of a valid moped theory certificate. Also note, that we only provide scooter driving lessons only in Dutch.

driving license scooter rotterdam

How does a scooter practical exam works?

The practical exam scooter takes a total of 45 minutes. 25 minutes of this is reserved for the exam ride. During the ride, you wear a headset with which the examiner tells you what to do. The examiner rides his own moped behind you to judge your driving skills. You’re driving instructor is also allowed to join the exam on his own scooter.

During the CBR practical exam moped, the examiner will judge you on how you control the scooter. Whether you apply the traffic rules properly. The speed and location on the road, etc. Of course, the safety of yourself and other road users is the most important. After the exam ride you will immediately hear whether you have done well and whether you have passed the scooter driving license.

Passed for your scooter driving license

If you have passed the scooter driving license, the CBR will send the result to the right organizations After 1 to 2 days you can make an appointment with the town hall.

Bring along a valid ID and one passport photo. Check the required rate on the site of the city hall. You can pick up the scooter driving license 5 working days after request or the next day for urgent requests.

practical exam scooter

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