Frequently asked questions

Driving lessons car

  • High quality & low rates
  • Also in evenings & weekends
  • Automatic & manual cars
motorrijles rotterdam

Motorcycle lessons

  • Dutch only
  • Duo motorcycle lessons possible
  • Fixed instructor

Scooter lessons

  • Dutch only
  • Possible in 1 day
  • Experienced instructor


  • Dutch or English
  • With extra time
  • With or without an interpreter

Driving lessons car

Yes it is possible to follow the driving lessons with an English speaking instructor. Do note, that we only have English speaking instructors in Rotterdam and The Hague.

You can start your driving lessons from the age of 16.5.

You can take driving lessons with an English-speaking instructor only in Rotterdam and surroundings and in The Hague and surroundings. Our driving school works in more areas. See overview of our working regions.

On average, a candidate with zero experience needs between 40-50 driving lessons of 50 minutes. If you already have driving experience, it is advisable to take a car trial lesson first, so that an indication can be given of the number of driving lessons you need.

A trial driving lesson car is a non-binding car driving lesson that lasts 100 minutes. This driving lesson is given to estimate the number of car driving lessons you will need. And of course it is an introduction to with your fixed instructor and driving car.

No, it is not mandatory. You may also start the driving course with a package or with regular driving lessons.

After registration you can get your first driving lesson the following week.

Yes, with the exception of unforeseen circumstances such as long-term failure of the instructor, damage to the lesson car, etc.

The instructor will pick you up at home and then drop you off at home afterwards . If you want to be picked up / dropped off somewhere else, you can discuss this with the instructor. Much is possible as long as the location is within the working region of your instructor. And it must be discussed and booked this way in advance.

A driving lesson manual car lasts 50 minutes,. A driving lesson automatic car lasts 45 minutes. However, the driving lessons always will be used in block hours.  That means you will drive 2 driving lessons in a row each time (100/ 90 minutes).

You can take driving lessons with us from Monday to Saturday. Ranging from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm.

In recent, well-maintained driving cars. Mainly to think of VW, Toyota, Seat, Mercedes, Audi, Volvo.

  • All lesson packages can be paid in cash per lesson. Interim test and practical test as prepayment.
  • All teaching packages are allowed in 1 x or in 2 installments per bank.

Yes that is allowed. For this you can contact our administration. They will transfer you to another instructor.

When you want to stop the driving course we would like to receive this in writing ( by email). We will act in accordance with the general terms and conditions.

Theory car

Yes it is possible to follow the standard theory exam car in English. There is a small additional fee you have to pay for this.

Yes you can. The only possibility is to learn with English versions of Theory books. See our theory web shop.

Yes, the certificate is required when you have to take an interim test or practical exam.

From the age of 16 you can take the theory exam car.

You can book the theory exam car via Of course, the driving school can also book the theory exam for you. Please contact customer service for this.

A valid official ID and the received invitation for the car theory exam (reservation number).

Practical exam / interim test car

Yes you can. If the examiner doesn’t speak English, your driving instructor will be your interpreter.

An interim test is a practical mock exam. Read more about interim test.

To apply for your practical car exam, you can authorize the driving school, purchase a health certificate. And transfer the exam fee to the driving school. As soon as we have received this we will book a date.

Go to Login with your Digid and follow the instructions provided. The system will ask for a driving school registration number. Here you enter 2057F8. Learn more authorization CBR.

A statement of health is a form that gives the knowledge of your health. A health certificate is required if you are going to do a car practical exam. Learn more statement of health CBR.

Your health statement is valid for 1 year.

A valid official ID, the received invitation for the test or practical exam CBR and the self-reflection form.

This form you have to fill out and bring a long on the day of your interim test/ practical exam. Learn more self-reflection form.