Interim test CBR

You may take an interim CBR test when you are 16.5 years old. The interim test CBR (TTT) is a mock exam that runs like a real exam. The CBR interim test is taken by an examiner from the CBR. It is a good opportunity to get used to the practical car exam and to take away any nervousness.

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CBR Interim test

  • Good impression of how the real exam will go.
  • 30% more chance of passing the practical exam.
  • Exemption from special maneuvers on the next practical exam.

How does an interim test CBR works.

The interim test CBR takes approximately 55 minutes in total. Fifteen minutes of this is reserved for the introduction with the examiner and for the explanation of the result after the test. During the interim test CBR, all exam components are tested according to the official exam requirements.

Result CBR interim test:
After the CBR interim test, you will receive advice about the exam components that require extra attention. The examiner will give advice for each examination component. You will now complete the car driver course in a more targeted manner. If you receive a positive advice about the special maneuvers part, it will give you an exemption for this part. You no longer have to do the special maneuvers during the next practical exam.

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interim test cbr

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