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You want to get your driver’s license. And are looking for the best driving school Vlaardingen. Search no longer. Register today at De Rijscholen Concurrent, the driving school Vlaardingen. Here you are assured of high-quality driving lessons – provided by highly professional driving instructors – at low rates. Of course you can drive with an English speaking instructor

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Driving school Vlaardingen; best experienced driving school

While driving lessons are generally a fairly costly affair, it does not have to be equally expensive everywhere. If you compare the prices of the various driving schools, you will soon find out that the differences are large. In South Holland, for example, De Rijscholen Concurrent stands head and shoulders above the rest. We are active in a large part of the province and have driving schools from Vlaardingen to The Hague. Thanks to very strong pricing, we can rightly call ourselves competitor in driving schools. Of course we do not lose sight of quality. De Rijscholen Concurrent is the best experienced driving school in Vlaardingen and surroundings.

Driving lessons from 16.5 years at driving school Vlaardingen

Since November 2011, the age at which you can start driving lessons in the Netherlands has been lowered from eighteen to sixteen and a half. It was also immediately made possible to drive under the guidance of an adult coach using the 2toDrive system. The reason for this was mainly to reduce the number of accidents involving young car drivers. This approach has proved particularly successful in Germany.

German youngsters who start earlier to obtain their driving license and are given the opportunity to participate in traffic with a coach outside their driving lessons are less involved in accidents and commit fewer traffic offenses. You can register for the theory course at our driving school in Vlaardingen on your sixteenth birthday and also gain experience from that age with the 2toDrive program. Six months later, the first driving lesson follows and from the age of seventeen you can take the practical exam.

Low prices at driving school Vlaardingen

De Rijscholen Concurrent offers several competitively priced packages for driving lessons Vlaardingen. For example, there are attractive discounts on the first 10 driving lessons for new students. If you need more lessons before we apply for the CBR practical exam, this is also possible with advantage. Driving school Vlaardingen has offers that include 14, 24 or 30 lessons, including the practical exam.

There is also a complete total package with a discount price. This package entitles you to 40 driving lessons, an (complimentary ) online theory course, an intermediate CBR test and the CBR practical exam. To guarantee quality and increase personal involvement, you always have the same driving instructor at De Rijscholen Concurrent. This makes it easier to provide tailor-made driving lessons, where aspects of driving can be practiced that require improvement. To develop a consistent and self-confident driving style, you always get lessons in the same car.

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