Practical exams

Practical exams for driving lessons car, motorcycle lessons or scooter lessons. The moment has come: You can apply for your CBR practical exam. How does the CBR practical exam proceed? What is the difference between all the practical car exams that are given?

What do you have to do to to apply for your CBR practical exam? And if you pass the car driver’s license, motorcycle driver’s license or scooter driver’s license, what do you have to do to actually get your driver’s license? We tell you how it works.

Driver’s license motorbike Rotterdam

Scooter driving license Rotterdam

practical exams

What do you need to apply for your driver’s license?

  • A passport photo that meets the official requirements.
  • A valid ID
  • The required rate

Your driving license is valid for a maximum period of 10 years. A driving license may also be valid for less than 10 years for medical reasons or from 70 years an up. Apply for your driving license at the municipality where you are registered. After that, it takes five working days before you can collect your driving license. In case of an urgent application, you can pick up your driving license the next working day.

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