Practical exam CBR

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally there. The moment you’ve worked hard for during the driving lessons: Get your driving license during the practical exam CBR. The practical exam CBR is the regular exam for obtaining your driving license car. You can pass the practical exam CBR from the age of 17. To be allowed to take the practical exam CBR you must be in possession of a valid theory certificate. Your theory is valid for a year and a half.

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practical exam

How does a practical exam CBR works?

The practical CBR exam takes approximately 55 minutes in total. Fifteen minutes of this is reserved for the introduction with the examiner and for the explanation of the result after the exam. The practical exam CBR itself consists of an eye test, where you have to read the license plate number of a stationary car at a distance of 25 meters. The examiner will ask you to perform a number of preparation and control actions on the driving car. Then the exam ride begins.

The examiner will judge on 7 exam components such as entering and exiting the road, behavior at intersections, special maneuvers, etc. These 7 exam components are linked to 13 subjects such as viewing behavior, speed, location on the road, environment, etc. You will also drive without instruction from the examiner, the so-called independent driving. After the ride, the result will be announced at the CBR office and a summary will be given. The examiner will then go through the completed self-reflection form with you.

Passed for the practical exam CBR

If you have passed the CBR practical exam, the CBR will send the result to the right organizations. On presentation of your valid ID and in exchange of one passport photo and the required rate, you can apply for the driving license at your district or town hall, 1 to 2 days after the practical exam CBR. You can pick up your driving license 5 working days after application or the next day for urgent applications

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