Automatic driving lessons:
available at Driving school Rotterdam.

    • Automatic driving lessons for € 30,-/ 45 min.
    • Lessons available in Rotterdam and surroundings
    • Trial lesson automatic € 35,-/ 90 min.
    • Fixed English speaking instructor
    • Crash course or on your own pace
    • Highly recommended  by previous students

Trial lesson automatic

€ 35,- 90 min.

Automatic driving lessons

Automatic driving lessons at De Rijscholen Concurrent are possible when you live in Rotterdam or surrounding areas. Of course you follow the automatic driving lessons with an English speaking instructor. He will guide you true the whole process. From the first lesson in automatic to the driver’s license automatic. The lessons are 50 minutes. We always give the lessons in blocks. That means, you’ll drive 2 lessons in a row. It doesn’t matter if you have driving experience or not. The instructor can see during the driving lessons automatic car, how your skills are. And which you have yet to learn. In all cases, at the end of your driving journey,  you have to drive according to the high rules of the CBR. To do so, you’r in good hands at automatic driving school Rotterdam.

automatic driving lessons

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