Driving lessons

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Driving school Concurrent gives you tips that you can pay attention to when obtaining your driving license.

First driving lesson a trial lesson
Your first driving lesson often starts with a trial lesson. The trial lesson manual car lasts 100 minutes. The purpose of the trial lesson is to get to know your instructor. And for advice on the number of driving lessons you need for obtaining your driving license. Although your instructor can see during a trial lesson how quickly you learn lesson components, the time is much too short to make a good estimate. Especially for novice candidates without driving experience it will be difficult to make a good estimate of the driving lessons. At the end of the trial lesson, the instructor will give you advice on the number of driving lessons you need.

In doing so, he gives advice on the minimum number of driving lessons you need based on your driving behavior at that time. In the further course of your driver training, your driving behavior can differ per driving lesson. Sometimes driving will be much better than other times. This can be due to various reasons. You can ensure that growth remains stable. A stable growth in your driver training can ensure that you do not need more driving lessons than necessary. And that saves you money!

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