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Obviously you’re looking for a driver school that suits you. But also a good question should be which driving car course suits you? How many driving lessons do you need, And what are the options. A driving car course is unique: each person is different. For example, one has more talent than another. And one person has more stress, daily fuss, emotional charge and fear of driving than another. All in all, there are many additional factors that play a role in a simple question such as: “how many driving lessons do I need”. We give you theoretical insight based on an average candidate.

Candidates who have little or no driving experience need an average of 40-45 lessons of 50 minutes (national industry figures). At De Rijscholen Concurrent you can choose a 30-lesson package or a 40-lesson package as a starter. Of course it is possible to do a trial driving lesson in advance. This way you can see together with the instructor how driving is progressing and which driving car course suits you best. A trial lesson is also an introduction to with your fixed instructor.

driving car course

Driving course 2toDrive

2toDrive is a common concept nowadays. You can start your car driving car course as soon as you are 16.5 years old. You can take a practical exam from the day you turned 17. When you pass. then you may only drive on the road until your 18th birthday accompanied by the coach (es) of your choice. For this you need to request a supervisor pass. So you no longer have to wait until the age of 18 before you can finally start with driving lessons! 16.5-year-olds need an average of 45-50 hours of teaching (national Industry figures).

At De Rijscholen Concurrent you can opt for a 40-class package (student). Of course it is possible to do a trial lesson in advance. It is also possible to start the lesson package in advance with a 10 lesson discount package. This way you can make optimal use of the discounts.

Driving car course for advanced candidates

If you already have driving experience, it is wise to take a trial lesson. This way the instructor gets a good picture of your driving skills. On the basis of the trial lesson, the instructor can estimate the number of lessons that you will need and which driving car course is best suited for it.
Driving course fear of failure

Every person is afraid of failure; that’s not so bad at all. It is often a motivating factor. But some people are so scared that they block themselves instead of motivating themselves. Anxiety can manifest itself through sudden attacks of panic and fear. You get cramped, hyperventilate and you can even get dizzy or have double vision. De Rijscholen Concurrent takes fear of driving very seriously and we are happy to help you overcome your fears.

If you suffer from fear of failure, it is wise to report this to the driving school. We will place you with an instructor who is specialized in giving driving lessons to candidates with driving and performance anxiety. With the right personal approach, the instructor helps you to convert your fears into trust. The number of driving lessons you will need depends on the degree and form of your fear. It is advisable to take a trial lesson so that you receive tailor-made advice from our driving instructor. Candidates with anxiety preferably opt for an individual theory exam and a practical exam driving fear.

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