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The time has finally come: you can get your driver’s license! Register today at De Rijscholen Concurrent, driving school Delft. Here you are assured of high-quality driving lessons – provided by highly professional driving instructors – at low rates. Of course you can drive with an English speaking instructor.

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Driving school Delft; the best driving school

Are you looking for a good and reliable Driving School Delft? Then immediately choose De Rijscholen Concurrent! This driving school from Delft is the best driving school Delft. Driving school Delft has what you need to obtain your driving license quickly and without any problems. Under the guidance of skilled and well-experienced instructors, you can take both theory and practical lessons at this modern driving school. The driving lessons are always given in a friendly, relaxed and professional way! At the best driving school Delft you will be trained to become a responsible driver who can confidently participate in today’s traffic. De Rijscholen Concurrent is government certified by the WRM for giving driving lessons.

A successful driver course at driving school Delft

The competent and well-trained instructors at driving school Delft are friendly, patient and highly motivated. They regularly attend refresher courses to keep abreast of all new amendments to the Dutch Traffic Law and Traffic Regulations. The driving instructors simply do everything they can to quickly familiarize you with the driving car. This way you can take full advantage of their expertise and professionalism. The instructors of driving school Delft will prepare you perfectly for the practical exam with as few driving lessons as possible.

Also for theory lessons go to driving school Delft

The theory test is an essential part of the total driving car course. The Driving Schools Concurrent offers various possibilities to successfully learn the theory cars. Whether you want to follow the theory lessons on your own PC, or want to learn true books, in both cases it is an excellent preparation for the CBR theory exam.

How many driving lessons Delft do you need?

At De Rijscholen Concurrent you can make use of a trial lesson. During this first driving lesson, the driving instructor will give an estimate of the number of driving lessons Delft you need. You can also skip the trial lesson and start immediately with one of the lesson packages. The manual car driving lessons in Delft last 50 minutes and are always used in block hours of 100 minutes. Your progress will be noted on an instruction card by the instructor of the driving school from Delft. This will give you a clear picture of progress. Each lesson package can also be followed as crash car course and you pay the same rate for this!

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De Rijscholen Concurrent employs a team of experienced administrative employees. With their extensive knowledge of driver courses you can always contact them for information. They will also gladly arrange the planning of an exam date for you. Do you also want lessons in recent and well-maintained cars such as a VW Golf, Toyota Corolla or Seat Ibiza?

Choose driving school Delft, a driving school with quality, professionalism, low lesson prices and excellent service. Every year, De Rijscholen Concurrent trains countless candidates for their driving license. A great result that we are quite proud of.